Can you use calcium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide?

in a precipitation reaction of CoCl2 and NaOH, can Calcium hydroxide be used in place of sodium hydroxide?

1 Answer
Feb 10, 2018


Yes, but the quantities would need to change


Start by writing out the reaction:
#CoCl_2 + NaOH -> NaCl+ Co(OH)_2#
Balance the reaction:
#CoCl_2+ 2NaOH -> 2NaCl + Co(OH)_2#

Compare this to a reaction using #Ca(OH)_2#:
#Ca(OH)_2 + CoCl_2 -> CaCl_2 + Co(OH)_2#
As you can see, only half the number of moles of the hydroxide compound is needed to bring the reaction to completion.