Can you write the balanced chemical equation that describes the dissociation of the strong base of magnesium hydroxide in water?

1 Answer
Aug 2, 2014

Magnesium hydroxide is an ionic compound. It consists of Mg²⁺ ions and OH⁻ ions. Its formula is Mg(OH)₂.

When Mg(OH)₂ dissolves in water, the ions separate or dissociate from each other and go into solution.

But Mg(OH)₂ is not very soluble in water. An equilibrium is soon reached in which Mg²⁺ ions and OH⁻ ions leave the surface of the solid as fast as they return.

The dissociation is an equilibrium reaction. The equation is:

Mg(OH)₂(s) ⇌ Mg²⁺(aq) + 2OH⁻(aq)