Consider various effects of moist and dry heat to control microbial growth. What methods would best reduce microbes without altering the taste and chemical composition of beer?

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Sep 22, 2017

When you brew a beer you actually want to promote microbial growth.


The microbial growth is in the form of yeasts, which perform the oxidation reaction....

#C_6H_12O_6(aq) stackrel("Yeast")rarr2CO_2(g)uarr + 2H_3C-CH_2OH(aq)#

And note that when you brew beer at home or in the lab (and this is certainly something that you should do at A level), you can actually see the carbon dioxide bubbling thru the bubbler.

The preferred option for home brewing is in a gas tight container...that does not allow ingress of outside air, and allows exit of the carbon dioxide produced.