Could you explain comparative and superlative adjectives?

  1. This restaurant is good.
  2. This restaurant is better.
  3. This restaurant is the best.

Is "better" a comparative adjective and "the best" a superlative adjective?

1 Answer
Jul 21, 2018

"Better" is a comparative adjective and "best" is a superlative adjective.


Comparative adjectives often contain the suffix "-er" and differs between two objects.

Superlative adjectives often contain the suffix "-est" and usually differs between three or more objects.

To more easily distinguish between them, comparative adjectives can be followed with "than"

For example, you can state that "This restaurant is better than the other one." (using comparative adjective)

But you can't state "This restaurant is the best than the other one." (using superlative adjective)