Covalent or ionic?

#CuCl_2 #

1 Answer
Feb 25, 2018



The ionic compound is formed when copper(II) reacts with chlorine.

The metallic atom, copper(II), achieves a stable configuration by losing 2 electrons to form a positive ion, which is #Cu^(2+)#.

The non-metallic atom, chlorine, achieves a stable configuration by gaining one electron to form a negative ion, #Cl^-#.

The ion is therefore formed when electrons are transferred from copper(II) to two chlorine atoms.

The oppositely charged ions attract each other to form an ionic compound.

The strong electrostatic attraction between the two oppositely charged ions is called an ionic bond.

Therefore #CuCl_2# is an ionic compound.

Ionic equation: #Cu^(2+) + 2Cl^(-) -> CuCl_2#