Do all substitution reactions and elimination reactions occur with alkyl halides?

1 Answer
Sep 7, 2015

Substitution and elimination reactions are not limited to alkyl halides.


Halide ions are good leaving groups, and they consist of single atom

This makes them good examples for teaching purposes.

But other weak bases are also good leaving groups.

The most common alternate leaving groups are derivatives of sulfuric acid such as

  • methanesulfonate#" "" "" ""CH"_3"SO"_2"O"^-# (mesylate)
  • trifluoromethanesulfonate #"CF"_3"SO"_2"O"^-# (triflate)
  • p-toluenesulfonate #" "" "color(white)(1)"CH"_3"C"_6"H"_4"SO"_2"O"^-#(tosylate)