Do electrons have the same mass as a proton?

1 Answer
Dec 4, 2016

By no means............


Protons are massive, nuclear particles, that are confined to the nuclear core. They have a formal positive charge, and their close proximity is due to the strong nuclear force that, at close ranges, is strong enough to overcome the strong electrostatic repulsion that would operate between particles of the same charge.

On the other hand, electrons, are extranuclear particles, conceived to whizz about the nuclear core. They have an equal BUT opposite electronic charge to the proton. The loss and gain of electrons, and their rearrangements between atoms explains all of chemistry.

AS chemists, as physical scientists, we should, however, seek out some data to inform our argument. The mass of an electron is #9.11xx10^-31*kg#, and that of protons, and neutrons, are each #1.67xx10^-27*kg#. The electronic mass is thus 3 orders of magnitude lower compared to the nuclear masses.

If you want to know anymore, you will have to ask a particle phycisist.