Does garlic prevent cancer?

1 Answer
Oct 22, 2017

Not really...


Prevention implies that you are immune to cancer, which no one is (at this current moment).

However, there are some foods that are packed with nutrients and vitamins that help fend off illnesses, like cancer.

They include:

  • Garlic,
  • Kale,
  • (Raw) honey,
  • Bananas

While these foods can decrease the chances of getting cancer, it is futile in the presence of genetic illnesses (though it may make life easier if you get your nutrients).

It is also trivial if one is exposed to radiation or parasites and viruses.

All in all, no one is immune to cancer, but by changing your diet, one can greatly decrease the chances of being diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses... besides environmentally-caused illnesses.

Hope this helps :)