Does natural gas compress and fill a container at room temperature?

2 Answers
Sep 15, 2016

Yes natural gas can be compressed to a liquid at room temperature if enough pressure is applied.


It is much easier to cause natural gas to turn into a liquid by using both a lower temperature and a higher pressure. After the natural gas is a liquid it can be transferred to container that can withstand high pressures.

The natural gas will partially convert from a liquid to a gas in the container creating high pressures. The high pressures will force most of the gas back into liquid form. The container ( or pipes) must be able to withstand the high pressures necessary to force the liquid natural gas back into a liquid as it transforms into a gas at room temperature.

So at room temperature natural gas will expand from a liquid to a gas to fill any container it is placed in. The natural gas will continue to expand until the container burst or the pressure is high enough to force the natural gas back into a liquid form.

Oct 22, 2016

Yes, compressed natural gas fills its container at room temperature.


Natural gas is mostly methane, #"CH"_4#.

Methane boils at -161 °C, so it is a gas at room temperature.

Its critical temperature is -82 °C.

At room temperature, you can't compress natural gas to a liquid with any pressure.

Hence, natural gas always fills its container at room temperature, no matter how high the pressure.