Does the following reaction occur? Explain your answer.

#3Ni + 2AuBr_3 -> 3NiBr_2 + 2Au#

1 Answer
Oct 20, 2016

The single replacement reaction will occur. Nickel will replace gold in the bromine-containing compound.


Will the following reaction take place?

#"3Ni" + "2AuBr"_3"##rarr##"3NiBr"_2" + 2Au"#

You need to consult an activity series for metals. An activity series for metals shows the relative reactivity for the metals in the list. In a single replacement (single displacement) reaction, a metal can replace a metal in a compound, only if the metal in the compound is lower on the list. For example, if you look at the activity series below, calcium can replace aluminum because aluminum is less reactive than calcium, as indicated by the fact that aluminum is below calcium in the activity series.

The potential single replacement reaction will take place, because nickel is higher on the activity series than gold, which means that nickel is more reactive than gold.

#"3Ni" + "2AuBr"_3"##rarr##"3NiBr"_2" + 2Au"#