Ella and three friends run in a relay race that is 14 miles long. Each person runs equal parts of the race. How many miles does each person run?

1 Answer
Jul 13, 2018

3.5 miles


We might be able to do this in our head without algebra but for a more complicated problem algebra can be very useful.
The basic steps are the same.

Start with what we are told:

Number of people running = 4 (Ella + 3 friends)
Total distance run = 14
Each person runs the same distance

Use a letter to represent the distance we want to know:

e.g. Distance run by each person = #x# miles
Write an equation (sometimes more than 1 eqn is needed) that shows what we are told.

#x * 4= 14#

Divide both sides by 4 to get only #x# on LHS

# (x * cancel4)/cancel4 =14/4#

# x =14/4#

# x = 3.5#