Explain the idea of the divine right of kings. How did James I come into conflict with the parliament, English law, and Puritans?

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Feb 21, 2018

It means the power of the monarch comes directly from God and so is beyond challenge.


James 1 certainly had issues after ascending the English throne in 1603, but your question refers more to his son Charles 1.

Charles did not recognise and take account of the changes which were taking place in 17the century Britain. This stems from his absolute belief in the Divine Right of Kings. He opposed even limited political reform, pressure for which was growing with the development of an affluent mercantile middle class as Britain started to emerge from feudalism.

As a result of his intransigence, obstinacy and frankly lack of ability and intelligence, he set the course which resulted in the English Civil War. This ultimately led to the defeat of the Royalists by the Puritan Parliamentarians and Charles's execution on January 30th 1649.