Given the following, how many degrees must the temperature drop for the antifreeze to turn to ice?

Ocean water freezes at about -2 °C. Fresh water freezes at 0 °C. Antifreeze, a liquid used to cool most car engines, freezes at-64°C. Imagine that the temperature is exactly at the freezing point for ocean water.

1 Answer
Feb 13, 2017

The temperature must drop by 62 °C.


The temperature drop, #ΔT# is the difference between the final and initial temperatures

#color(blue)(bar(ul(|color(white)(a/a) ΔT = T_"f" - T_"i"color(white)(a/a)|)))" "#

#T_"f" = "-64 °C"#
#T_"i" = color(white)(ll)"-2 °C"#

#ΔT = "-64 °C - (-2 °C)" = "-64 °C + 2 °C" = "-62 °C"#