Greta is opening a savings account. She starts with $100 and plans to add $50 each week. How do you write an equation she can use to calculate the amount of money she have after any number of weeks. How much money will she have after 1 year?

1 Answer
Apr 25, 2017

#$100+($50*t)# t is for no of weeks.


Assign t as week number. There are in general 4 weeks in a month and there are 52 weeks in a year.

Since the startup Money is 100 dollars, it is there until closing the account.

Therefore,the equation will be:


If Greta wants her sum at the end of 30th week:

#$100+($50*30)# which will yield #$1600#

At the end of the first year, she will have

#$100+($50*52)# which is #$2700#

Note that I did not include any interest to this calculation.