Help?! Describe one way that the Cold War was evident in Europe, one way that the Cold War was evident in Asia, and one way that the Cold War was evident in Latin America.

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Apr 9, 2018

There are many examples for each.


In Europe the Cold War was reflected in the division of Europe, Germany and indeed Berlin into East and West. NATO was the military alliance of the West and The Warsaw Pact was its East European equivalent.

In Asia, the Cold War was reflected in conflicts such as the Korean and Vietnam wars. In the case of Korea the north was backed by the Chinese whereas the south was backed by the Americans and her allies. In Vietnam the north was supported by both the Soviets and Chinese whereas the South was supported by the USA.

In Latin America the most notable example was the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviet leader Khrushchev attempted to put Soviet missiles on the island. The Cuban leader Castro had overthrown a corrupt and brutal American backed dictatorship so the USA cut all ties. There are also many example of guerrilla movements in Latin America backed by the Soviets fighting right wing US backed military dictatorships such as the Sandinistas in Nicaragua Also the left wing Allende government in Chile was overthrown by a CIA backed military coup..