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Apr 11, 2018

Alexander and many of his successors promoted Greek culture in many different ways thus creating a huge swath of land where Greek language and culture had huge influence over the people.


Alexander was of course a huge advocate for Greek culture since he himself was a Macedonian. So when, in his conquest of the middle east and India, he made sure to spread the Greek culture and Language. This process is often referred to as the "Hellenisation", the name comes from the Greek word for Greece, "Hellas".

Alexander took great care in spreading Greek Civilzation in his conquered territories especially into former Persia where he tried to create a mix of Greek and Persian cultures. This can be clearly seen in the many Greek cities that were founded in his name throughout Asia (see Alexandria, Antioch and Selucia).

The Greek culture was also heavily promoted by many of the successor states (like the Indo-Greek civilization) that formed after the collapse of Alexander's empire where many Greek ideas and concept were taught by great thinkers and tutors in the new lands. This also affected the art of these new states heavily, thus promoting it even further. Greek even became the common/trade language for communication between peoples in trade and other exchanges throughout pretty much all of Alexander's lands.

The reason for the Greek influence over these lands was so prevalent even after Alexander's death was that many of the new states that appeared after the collapse of his empire had Alexander's old generals as their leaders, who were mostly Greek. Who promoted the culture and language just as he had done.

To summarize:

  • Leaders of the lands were Greek.
  • Greek culture, language and ideas were heavily promoted.
  • Many monuments and buildings were Greek.
  • Greeks moved to these new lands and in doing so spreading their culture.
  • Greek was the standard language for academic texts and literature.

It's important to remember that the Greek culture didn't just take over these new lands but instead mixed with the already established cultures, creating many different mixes of local culture and Greek.

Hope this helped :)