How about listing the progress icons on our Dashboard in decreasing order of Levels?

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Aug 12, 2015

This is a great suggestion!


Ernest, two questions for you. Perhaps you can answer them in this answer.

  1. Can you explain more about why you'd like to see your subject badges in decreasing order by levels?

  2. What role do the subject levels play in your Socratic experience? When do you look at them, and how do they affect what you do on the site?

Ernest's reply

1. It's purely a matter of curiosity.

I have badges in ten subjects, but only five are displayed by default.

Organic Chemistry (my discipline) is in the second (undisplayed by default) tier. I have to use an extra click (poor me!) to see where I am in that subject. At my age, I have to save every extra joule that I can.

2. The subject badges and levels have no effect on the questions I answer.

I answer the questions that I feel competent to answer, first in Socratic Meta, then Organic Chemistry, then Chemistry, and then questions suggested by the pop-ups that appear after submitting an answer (most of them seem to be in Algebra and Precalculus, with a few in Biology).

Curiosity question: What algorithm do you use to decide which questions to present in the pop-ups?

Becca's reply

1. Ah, I see—sounds like you are most curious about how you're doing in the subjects for which you've reached the highest levels. Makes sense! BTW, I know you're joking with the "poor me" — but our goal is to minimize the # of clicks you have to take to see what's important to you! So it's actually useful to hear that.

2. Nice to see the order of subjects you use to find questions! Curious, why do you check Socratic Meta first?