How are the light reactions of photosynthesis important to the production of glucose?

1 Answer
Oct 27, 2017

Because Light reaction provide the chemical energy in the form of #ATP# and #NADPH#. And this chemical energy is used to make glucose during dark reactions of photosynthesis.


The process of photosynthesis has two main steps:

  • Light Reactions taking place in thylakoid membranes produce chemical energy in the form of #ATP# and #NADPH#.
  • Dark reactions(Calvin cycle) taking place in stroma of chloroplast produce sugars by using the chemical energy provided by light reactions.

So, it's clear that the two steps mentioned above are highly related with each other and actually they are part of a single process. And if we skip one, the process would be left incomplete, thus can't will achieve it's final product (sugar).

This is short summary of complex process(Photosynthesis).

Hope it helps...