How are the nervous system and the skeletal system related?

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Jul 28, 2016

Bones provide protection and calcium, nerves give information on body position.


The nervous system and the skeletal system interact in several ways.

#color(red)"What bones do for the nerves?"#

  1. Provide calcium : almost all the calcium in the body (99%) is stored in bones. This is dynamic, so bones can take up and release calcium when needed. Calcium is essential for nerve cells, without it the nerves would not be able to convey signals.
  2. Provide protection: the nervous system is protected by bones. The skull protects the brain and the vertebrae protect the spinal chord.

#color(red)"What do nerves do for bones?"#

  1. Provide positional information: sensors and nerves in the joints detect mechanical deformation of ligaments and capsules. This way they can send information on the position of the body to the brain.
  2. Protect joints: the same sensors and nerves that send positional information, also protect against injurious movement of the joints (too much flexion or extension).
  3. Enable movement: this is more an indirect interaction. Nerves signal to the muscles to contract. Since the muscles are attached to the bones by tendons, this input makes movement of the body possible.