How bright are quasars in comparison to our sun?

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Mar 25, 2016



Quasars Stand for Quasi-Stellar-Radio_Source and are extremely Luminous in-fact they are one of the most Luminous objects in the entire universe.Though they are still a mystery because as it is believed that Quasars are powered by Super massive black holes but scientist have found Quasars with a red shift of 7 which means they formed only 700 million years after the big bang. At such an early place in time how can Black holes be born with a Billion Solar masses when only the very first Stars were beginning to form.

Nevertheless, our Sun is extremely Luminous as you can practically witness that with your naked eye. The luminosity of our Sun is about 3.8 x #10^26# watts. In comparison to this Quasars can have Luminosities of up to #10^40# watts which is #10^14# more Luminous than our Sun.

So, What would have if we place a Quasar with a Luminosity of 10^40 watts in place of the Sun?

If a Quasar is placed in the Sun's position in the system and Earth is placed in the place of Pluto roughly 40 AU from the Quasar it will evaporate the Earth's oceans in only a quarter of a second!!.