How can a solar system be destroyed?

1 Answer
Nov 17, 2015

A solar system consists of one or more planets orbiting a star, it can be destroyed by all of the planets being broken up, ejected, pulled away or consumed.


The destruction of a solar system requires destroying or removing all of the planets orbiting the star.

The "death" of a star doesn't necessarily mean the end of a solar system as the star remnant is usually still massive enough for planets to continue orbiting around.

If a planet gets too close to the star it can be broken up by gravitational tidal effects.

A planet can be ejected from a solar system if its orbit gets changed by proximity to the star, another planet, or another star into a hyperbolic orbit.

A passing star can also "steal" a planet by its gravitational pull.

Planets or even the star itself could be consumed by a black hole.