How can chemical equations be classified?

1 Answer
Feb 12, 2015

There are six main types of equations, grouped by how they're formatted and what kind of reaction occurs.

Single Replacement
Format: #AB + C -> AC + B#

Double Replacement
Format: #AB + CD -> AC + BD#

Format: #A + B -> AB#

Format: #A + O_2 -> AO#
Oxygen (diatomic, subscript is 2) combined with a metal, to make the metal oxide. There is only one O in the oxide.

Format: #AB -> A + B#

Format: #HA + B -> A + HB#
Hydrogen is transferred from one to the other.

If any of these formats don't make sense, the best resource is your textbook used in class. The Acid-Base you may or may not use with the rest of these, it fits more into the Acids and Bases topic. Remember to balance all equations.