How can coevolution lead to an increase in biodiversity?

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Jul 31, 2015

while evolving one species may take severals different path, and in a case of cooevolution the other species will have to follow. therefor any dichotomi lead to two possible new species .


Consider two species in a case of coo evolution ,cooperation like polinators and flowered plants or parasitism with and more effectifs parasit and an host which evolved to limits it's action.

If one of the member of the association of species change for a reason or and other,(wich may already resulte in an increase of biodiversity) the other species will have to follow and it might lead to speciation and therefor a biodiversity increase.

picture yoursefl a flea on a random species , if some of the hosts get to be spacialy segregated from the rest of the population which may lead to speciation, the parasit will also be segregated from the rest of it's population.
the chance of speciation is more likely to happend if the variation of the host lead to change the "environement" of the parasite which will then be selected by nature under new criteria.