How can DNA replication be modeled?

1 Answer

Many ways...


Many computer models can be very helpful in understanding the process of DNA replication.

This video was made using a computer model from PBS. The model is a bit cartoon-like, but it gets the main ideas across.

Other computer models may provide more advanced modeling of the process. This video shows a computer model from the DNA Learning Center. It is much more scientifically accurate, but it is a bit harder to notice important ideas like the complementary base pairing that is critical for the p

I have seen many versions of activities in the classroom to model DNA replication.

Some use paper cut-outs of nucleotides and look similar to the first video.

Others use things like mini-marshmallows, gumdrops and toothpicks.

You can also have students act out different nucleotides for a kinesthetic model.

Hope this helps!