How can grazing-management and range-improvement techniques help sustain rangelands?

1 Answer
Aug 4, 2017

They can do so through a number of ways including minimizing overgrazing and maximizing diversity.


In general, grazing management and range improvement techniques seek to maximize plant and animal diversity, prevent overgrazing, and positively impact the overall health of the ecosystem. This, in turn, allows for sustainable use of the rangeland.

The rangeland should be monitored for ecosystem health and the frequency and intensity of grazing should be determined by the condition of the soil and pasture as well as the climate of the area. Invasive species should be managed, soil infiltration rate should be monitored, stocking rate (the amount of animals the area can hold) should be determined, and pesticides and other toxic substances should be eliminated or limited.

All of these practices, as well as others, serve to maintain and maximize soil and plant health while supporting as many animals as is feasible on the land. To read more about these practices and others, see this link.