How can humans impact the lithosphere?

1 Answer
Jun 24, 2018

Humans can impact the lithosphere in the following ways :-


The Lithosphere is the solid outer part of the Earth.

  • Agriculture(farming or animal husbandry) :- If farmers uses fertilizers,chemical fertilizers and pesticides and insecticides then it may contaminate the soil and could also loose its soil fertility. It may also lead to soil erosion. Planting the same crop over and over can strip vital minerals out of the soil.

  • Deforestation :- Deforestation can impact the lithosphere by damaging the quality of the land, as it makes the soil loose and thus increases erosion.

  • Overgrazing :- Overgrazing reduces the usefulness, productivity and biodiversity of the land and one of the cause of desertification and erosion.

  • Mining :- Underground mining requires digging out large areas, increasing the risk for sinkholes and cave ins. It contaminates the water, the soil, increases erosion, massive sinkholes and deforestation.

  • Urbanization :- It can reduce the beauty of nature. Rapid development can also lead to very high levels of erosion and sedimentation in river channels.

  • Oil drilling :- The chemicals in the air, water, & land can cause various skin infection.

  • Land use :- It also destroys the natural beauty of the nature and can also contaminate the soil.

  • Human activities and mountainsides :- It destroys the soil fertility and makes the soil very loose which makes it extreme to erode.