How can I calculate the specific heat capacity of a metal?

1 Answer
Jul 23, 2018

A heat exchange experiment is required after which you plug your data into #Q = m*c*DeltaT#.


You can not calculate specific heat capacity from such data as atomic number, atomic weight, density, magnetic susceptibility, Vicker's hardness etc. To calculate specific heat capacity requires data from an experiment in which heat is exchanged between a sample of the metal and another object while temperature is monitored.

Once you have the data, the formula

#Q = m*c*DeltaT# is used where

  • #Q# is the heat lost by or gained by the sample
  • #m# is the mass of the sample
  • #DeltaT# is the temperature change of the sample.

When you plug in your data and solve for #c#, that will be your specific heat capacity.

I hope this helps,