How can I teach possessive adjectives?

1 Answer
Dec 16, 2016

To teach possessive adjectives, giving example can be the easiest way.


Students often get confused regarding which one is a possessive pronoun and which one is a possessive adjective. To make the process of how to differentiate between these two examples can be a great help.

Possessive adjectives include- his, her, their, our, my, your, its etc. It seems that possessive adjectives are used to convey the idea of belongingness.

For example-

You should not touch their chocolates without permission.
She would love to take a ride with him in his new car.

In the above sentences, "their" and "his" are possessive adjectives.

If we try to put possessive pronouns in the same sentences, the difference between these two types would be clearer. For instances, the phrase "their chocolates" of the first sentence can be replaced with the phrase " the chocolates of theirs". Then the word "their " is an example of a possessive pronoun.