How can we complete the table below? Please provide the working out for everything because I want to clearly understand everything.

SCI18 Module 12 Learning Activity 1

1 Answer
Feb 14, 2018

See Below.


To understand this you have to understand the basic carbon numbering system.


The first row has CH4. CH4 has one carbon, meaning its prefix is Meth. The -ane comes from it being an alkane. Meaning a carbon chain with no double bonds. So the alkane name is Methane. The formula can be found by removing a hydrogen atom from a primary carbon and adding an R group that holds the place for any bonded substrait. The Alkyl group formula would be R-CH3 or -CH3. This Alkyl groul is named by replacing the -ane with -yl, making it a Methyl group.

The second row give you pentyl. Pent meaning 5 carbons and the -yl reffers to the substrait when bonded to something, so an R group. This makes the stuction -CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3. If you keep working backwards and replace the -yl with -ane you get pentane. I dont really want to draw it out so simply googling pentane will provide you with a stuction.

A hint for the last one is that it is a closed ring with four carbons. When an alkane forms a closed ring it gets the prefix cyclo-. the alkane for this would be CycloButane.

Hope it helps!