How did John Brown's raid impact the national issue of slavery?

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Oct 13, 2017


John Brown


John Brown was considered a radical by even the abolitionists. He was driven by his belief that God told him to free the slaves. For example, he and his sons went to a cabin and butchered 5 pro-slavery men. But his raid frightened a lot of Southerners because they relied heavily upon slavery for their livelihood. Slave-based agriculture was the main base of the Southern economy, so if that were to be taken away, they were going to lose their farm, and their livelihood. So these attempts at freeing slaves scared them, and John Brown may have done more harm than good. Because these types of attacks and raids just made the Southern State legislature pass more harsh and restricting slave laws. But it also helped a little because it empowered people in the North to help escaping slaves more.