How did life start on earth?

2 Answers
Mar 8, 2017

No one knows how life started on earth.


There are two basic ideas of how the life started.

One idea is that life started by purely natural causes.

The other idea is that life started by causes outside of natural causes.

There is no agreement of how natural causes could have created the complex information and chemical structures necessary for life.
Random accidental changes are mathematically impossibly improbable. The odds of creating the functional enzymes are such that there are not enough time in the known universe or molecules for the odds to have a responsible change to have happened.

The dominate world view in science is that everything must happen by natural cause, This rules out a cause outside of matter and energy. leaving no answer as to how life started on earth.

Apr 18, 2018

No one know how life started on Earth... and maybe we will never know it...


All we know is that it was some magic or something that made a unicellular star dust on Earth come alive... we call it LUCA.. which stand for Last Universal Common Ancestor.... so every animal... every plant.. every human... every living thing or Earth is your relative... Even the person reading this could be my.. #1034^(th)# cousin or anything and we also know that life of LUCA started on the surface of the ocean!!
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