How did the Seven Years' War cause the American Revolutionary War?

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May 10, 2018

The seven years war or French and Indian Wars caused resentments and distrust that were causes of the Revolutionary War.


The Seven years war to the American Colonists centered on the battle for control of the Ohio River Valley and reducing the power of hostile Indian tribes.

During the Seven Year War, the American Colonists fought alongside the British army. The western most settlers suffered huge losses of life due to the Indian attacks from tribes fighting for the French and fighting to prevent the American Colonists from taking their lands.

The American militias were instrumental in the conquest of French Canada, and the conquest of the French forts in the Great lakes and Ohio Valley. The militias suffered casualties in these campaigns and learned to distrust and disrespect the British military leaders. The British military did not treat the American colonists and their militias with respect.

The American Colonies suffered economically due to the disruption of trade due to the Global nature of the Seven Years War. The Colonist focused only the part of the conflict in North America did not understand the losses economically being suffered by England.

At the end of the war the American Colonist felt that the Colonies had gained nothing for their sacrifices during the war. The British raised their taxes to help pay for England lose of income and expenses to fight the global war. The British block western settlement of Indian lands to keep peace with the Indians. This meant that the Ohio River Valley that the colonists had fought for belonged only to the hostile Indian tribes and the British. This felt like a betrayal to the American Colonists.

The resentments and distrust that began during the conflict on the North America continent were increased after the war. For the American Colonists the war was a disaster, It cost them lives, money and land. In return the colonists were disrespected, taxed and blocked from western expansion. The way the British fought the Seven Years War and treated the colonies after the war started the Revolutionary War.

May 11, 2018

The debts caused by the war forced the British to impose new taxes


The Bank of England issued a tremendous amount of debt in order to finance the Seven Years' War. Due to the debts the British crown had no choice but to create a new form of taxation,it started with the 1765 Stamp Act, which meant that everything that was printed would be taxed, it was quickly followed by the Townshend Act which placed an indirect tax on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. These goods were not produced within the colonies and had to be imported from Britain.

In 1773 the Tea Act which granted the monopoly on tea importation to a company called the East India Company led to the revolt known as the Tea Party during which colonists disguised themselves like Indians and threw boxes of tea in the Ocean. The British authorities responded with the Intolerable Acts. The Revolutionary war soon followed. In 1770 a massacre in Boston had already occurred due to military occupation in Boston.