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How do cells store energy and release energy using ATP?

I have to draw a cycle but I don't know what cycle to draw? Plez Help

I have to draw a cycle but I don't know what cycle to draw? Plez Help

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Jun 19, 2018


It's the release of the phosphate from the molecule. You only need to show the charge and recharge of the molecule.


Adenosine-tri-phosphate has a phosphate bit that it keeps. It can then phosphorylate something in the cell, like a protein, which will activate a process. The ATP has lost it's phosphate so now it is Adenosine di phosphate. It can then be given another phosphate and can store it until it needs to lend it to something else again.

It's like a phone battery. When it has a phosphate it's charged and can power something. When it powers something, the charge is used up. Then it can power nothing.

Your cycle needs to include ATP molecule, and then show it charging something. You can google it's structure.
Your cycle then needs to show ADP
And then ADP gets a phosphate and becomes charged.

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