How do humans affect the water cycle?

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Mar 6, 2018


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We affect the water cycle by storing water in reservoirs, where it can not be evaporated. Groundwater mining. Urbanization, where we drain ponds so we can build towns or cities without them. Irrigation, combustion, deforestation, and wetlands.

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Mar 6, 2018

Water constantly moves among the oceans, the atmosphere, the solid earth, and the biosphere. This unending circulation of Earth's water supply is the water cycle.

Humans affect the water cycle in different ways, especially in the poor countries.

In the rich countries for example, they removed the water where it was so that they could build stuff there. We took the water and put it in a recevoir.

In the poor country, things get worst!

For example, you will find that people are throwing trash in the water. They are using that same water to wash clothes, shower, drink etc...

Thus, All these things affect the water cycle system.

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