How do I make the linear equation with the following information? -Fuel Economy of Vehicle: 7.3L/100KM (13.69KM/L) -Cost of Gasoline: $1.61/L Cost per kilometer: either $0.11 or $11.7 cents

Okay, now we must make the equation. How do you think the last value you calculated will come into effect. (Hint: The units are in $, or cost, per km, or distance. It might be helpful to review your last section and find similar units in your work.)

So once you have found out how the Cost per Kilometer value is to be used, between the slope and the y-intercept you have one more value to find, which you can logically figure out yourself. I believe in you!

Show your thinking and work, and then display your linear equation below describing the cost as a function of the distance driven.