How do i write an epilogue for the book, "The Outsiders"?

1 Answer

Where do you think the story can go or where is the application of lessons learned?


Before talking about how to write an epilogue, let's first talk about what an epilogue is. Quite simply, it is a wrapping up of events and characters that for whatever reason wasn't part of the main story. They can be short (some comedy movies and crime shows have epilogues that in a sentence or two describe what happened to the characters after the events of the main story) and they can be chapter length. Some writers use them as a teaser of future novels (ex. you thought the Bad Guy was defeated but he managed to avoid death and is on the loose again).

So for writing an epilogue to a book...

First, read the book. It seems straightforward enough, but then again back when I was in school, I heard so many fellow students say that they didn't read the book we were studying in English that I felt it necessary to throw that out there.

Ok - so once you've read it - are there loose ends that you see? Effects of the story on characters, whether minor or major, or even on family members or relations?

Is there an opportunity to advance some number of years and have the characters have kids and replay the basic action of the book but this time have the outcome be different because of the experience of the parents who went through the action the first time?

In essence, you have an opportunity to write some fiction based on the book. If you were writing this because you like the story and characters, it would be called Fan Fiction. The opportunity you have here is to take what you've read and put your own spin on it. Where do you think the story can go or where is the application of lessons learned?