How do seeds move from place to place?

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Apr 13, 2018

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There are several means by which seeds are moved around and planted. Here are a couple:

  1. By the wind. Some seeds are designed to be carried by the wind for long distances. Some plants, like dandelions, produce seeds with small fibrous parachutes, while others, like maple trees, make flat, blade-like seeds that twirl slowly to the ground.

  2. By water. Often in a spring storm or rain shower, seeds will be shaken from their mother plants and carried off by streams or rivers. These seeds continue traveling until they are washed ashore, where they begin to grow.

  3. By animals. Squirrels and blue jays are known to bury seeds like acorns for themselves in the winter, and those seeds are sometimes left in the ground to be germinated and grow the next spring. Other animals actually eat the plants and excrete the seeds unharmed in their feces.

  4. By people. People can purposefully plant seeds, but they can do it by accident too. If you've ever been on a walk in tall grass, you may have gotten burs stuck on your clothes. These are actually seeds, and by taking them off again, you're spreading seeds around!