How do temperature and pressure effect magma formation?

1 Answer
Feb 12, 2017

Temperature and Pressure are important factors for formation of magma.


As we go down into the earth due to geothermal gradient( Geothermal gradient is a term used by geologists to define that after every 1 km depth there is an increase in temperature up to 25-30 Degree Centigrade) . With increase in temperature the solid rock masses begin to vibrate first then bonding between them breaks and finally they convert into liquid we see as magma.
This is the most important factor in the formation of magma.As we do down into the earth, the pressure is increased due to overlying rocks above.but somehow, due to tectonic uplift or areas where rocks are displaced from above, the pressure is removed and due to decompression melting(sudden release of pressure) rocks molecules are given more space and they convert into magma.