How do you convert 2.50 moles of CuO to grams?

1 Answer
Jan 16, 2016

Convert moles to gram by multiplying the given amount of moles to the molar mass of CuO.


To convert mol Cuo to grams CuO, you simply have to multiply the given number of mol to the molar mass of the compound.

In this case,

molar mass of CuO = #63.546 [g Cu] /[mol] + 15.9994 [g O]/[mol]#
molar mass of CuO = #79.5454 [g CuO]/[mol]#

#g CuO = (2.50 mol CuO) * (79.5454 [g CuO]/[mol]) #
#g CuO = 198.86 g#