How do you convert 6.59 kL to L?

1 Answer

You use a simple conversion factor.


Before doing any calculations, take a look at the units you are dealing with.

In your case, you need to convert kiloliters, kL, to liters, L.

If you look at a metric conversion chart, you'll notice that kilo denotes a multiple.

More specifically, the kilo prefix denotes a multiplication factor of 1000.

So, in order to get from one kiloliter to one liter, you need to multiply the starting unit by #10""^3#. Simply put, one kiloliter contains 1000 liters.

#6.59 cancel("kL") * (10""^3"liters")/(1cancel("kL")) = 6.59 * 10""^3"L" = color(green)("6590 L")#

Btw: #kL# is hardly ever used. If you refer to #1000L# you use #m^3# (=cubic meter). It's the same.