How do you define a variable and write an expression for each phrase: three less than d?

1 Answer
Aug 30, 2016

A variable represents a value that is unknown or can change.
d -3 = three less than d. less means subtract.


The English word variable means changeable. Like the weather is variable today. There is going to be sun with scattered showers.

In some cases there are many values for the variable, like in a line.

y = 2x + 2 if x is zero x y becomes 2 (0, 2)
if x is 1 y becomes 4 (0,4)
if x is 2 y becomes 6 (0,6)

In other cases there is only one value for the variable but that value is unknown and must be solved for.

10 = 2x + 4 Solving for the variable give x = 3

In a binomial #x^2# There will be two values for x

It is good to make a list of English words and their mathematical translations

less = subtract.
twice = multiply by 2
more than = add that amount to the smaller side or subtract from the larger side.