How do you find the percent change if original: 66 dimes and new: 30 dimes?

1 Answer
Oct 30, 2015

#54.54dot(5)dot(4) "%"# the displayed decimal point is not clear

read as -> 54 point 545454......%


Assumption: your question means the following

Old price = 66 dimes
New price= 30 dimes ( a reduction in price)
Express the reduction as a percentage of the old price.


Change in price is (66-30) dimes = 36 dimes

As a proportion of the old price the reduction is #36/66#

% is also a fraction but expressed as parts of 100 instead of parts of 66.

Without going into the mechanics of the mathematics involve the short cut method is:

#36/66 times 100#

This gives #54.54dot(5)dot(4)#.....% (reoccurring)

The following is only stated as an interest point:
Expressed as an exact value this is
#54 54/99 %#