How do you graph #2x+5y=10# by plotting points?

1 Answer
Jul 3, 2016

Write the equation as #y = mx + c #
Choose x-values and work out y-values


It is difficult to find points when the equation is in this form.
Change it into #y = mx + c#

Then you can choose any x-value and work out its corresponding y-value. It is a good idea to have about 5 points, two with negative x-values, x= 0 and two with positive x-values.

This will give you a nice spread and you will easily be able to see if there are errors, because the points will not all lie in a straight line as they should.

#2x + 5y = 10#
#5y = -2x +10 " " rArr " y = -2/5x + 2#

When x = -5, y = 0, When x= 0, y = 2 etc