How do you graph #-2x+5y=15#?

1 Answer
Jun 18, 2017

That is a line; plot any two points on it.


(x, y) lies on the line #-2x + 5y = 15#
if and only if the values of x and y solve the equation. That is, they make it true.

If you are using paper (and not a computer), two of the easiest points to find are the intercepts.

A graph has an x-intercept when y = 0.
When y = 0 in this case,
#-2x + 5(0) = 15#
#-2x = 15#
#x = -15/2 = -7.5#

This means that #(-7.5, 0)# is on the line. Mark it on the map.

I'll leave the rest to you. Find the y-intercept by determining the point where x = 0.