How do you graph #7x-9y+18=0#?

1 Answer
Mar 27, 2016

Plug/Graph in y=7/9x+2


This is not in y-intercept form, so we will need to that first.

  1. To make things easier, subtract 18 from both sides,
    You should now have: 7x-9y = -18

  2. Now, try to get that y by itself. We can easily do this by subtracting 7x.

You should have: -9y = -7x -18

  1. We want to isolate the -9 from y, so divide -9 on both sides.

You would get: y= 7/9x +2

NOTE: You can graph this answer with your graphing calculator (y= button) and plot the points there, but if you don't have a graphing calculator, plug in various x-values and solve the equation for your y-value.