How do you graph the equation #y=8x# by making a table and what is its domain and range?

1 Answer
Dec 17, 2016

Build the table with any convenient values for x that you want. Find corresponding values for y and transfer to the graph. Both domain and range are all real number from -#oo# to +#oo#


As stated, make two columns in the table, x and y. Now, choose simple values for x, like 1, 2, 3, 4. Use the equation to find corresponding values of y: 8, 16, 24 and 32 in this case.
Now, draw the graph - making sure the y-axis can handle the large values! Plot the four points on the graph.
You should find that the four points lie in the same line. Draw the line that passes through them, extending it beyond the values you plotted. Use arrows to show that the line can extend in both directions.

Since any value from -#oo# to +#oo# could be a valid choice for x, the domain (set of all possible x-values) is -#oo# to +#oo#.

Likewise, there is no value of y that could not appear on your graph, so the range (set of possible y-values) is also -#oo# to +#oo#.