How do you graph #y= 2x+3#?

1 Answer
Mar 18, 2018

Use y=mx+c


This equation is written in the form y= mx+c

Here m is the gradient of the line (the slope) and c is the y intercept (where the line crosses the y axis).

In this case, the gradient is postitive as it is 2x rather than a negative number.

The y intercept is 3 so make sure your line crosses the y axis at this point.

Every increase in 1 on the x axis results in an increase in 2 on the y axis.

If you want, you can substitute numbers for x and find what y is.
e.g. if x=7, y= 2(7)+3 which is 17 so the coordinate would be (7, 17) and you can do this with multiple numbers and draw the graph.
graph{2x+3 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}