How do you graph # y = -2x - 7#?

1 Answer
Sep 8, 2017

Determine a few sample #(x,y)# coordinates using arbitrary values for #x#; plot these points on the Cartesian plane; and draw a line through the points.


As an example, I used the arbitrary values #x in {0, -4, +4}#
(2 values would have been enough for a straight line relation such as this one, but at least 1 additional point is always a safety check).

#{: (color(white)("x")ul(x),color(white)("xxx"),ul(y=-2x-7)), (color(white)("x")0,,color(white)("xxxx")-7), (-4,,color(white)("xxxxx-")1), (+4,,color(white)("xxx")-15) :}#

Plotting these points and drawing a line through them should give a graph that looks something like:
enter image source here