How do you graph #y= -3x+1#?

1 Answer
Apr 15, 2018

See the explanation for further detail.


Step 1: Make a coordinate plane, labeling it with your x and y axis

x-axis is the axis that runs horizontally and y-axis runs vertically and they intersect forming 90 degree angles

Step 2: to begin graphing, note that your y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis), is (0,1). Plot that point by going up 1 space. You should not move vertically on the x-axis because the x-coordinate of the y-intercept is 0.

Step 3: From the y-intercept, move directly down 3 units, noting the scale on your coordinate graph

Step 4: after moving down 3 units, then move directly to the right 1 unit. Plot this point. The pattern repeats continuously.

Hope this explanation was helpful. If it is a bit confusing, I recommend using symbolab and plugging in the given equation to see what I mean by the explanation.