How do you graph #y=4x-1# using a table?

1 Answer
Aug 18, 2017

See a solution process below:


We can use the table below to identify and plot points from this equation:

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graph{((x+4)^2+(y+17)^2-0.5)((x+2)^2+(y+9)^2-0.5)(x^2+(y+1)^2-0.5)((x-2)^2+(y-7)^2-0.5)((x-4)^2+(y-15)^2-0.5)=0 [-40, 40, -20, 20]}

We can now draw a line through the points to graph the equation.

graph{(y-4x+1)((x+4)^2+(y+17)^2-0.5)((x+2)^2+(y+9)^2-0.5)(x^2+(y+1)^2-0.5)((x-2)^2+(y-7)^2-0.5)((x-4)^2+(y-15)^2-0.5)=0 [-40, 40, -20, 20]}